Steven Sharp Nelson is an award winning, Billboard chart topping, total YouTube rock star…in a cellist sort of way. His creations are watched and listened to over three million times EVERY DAY. That means that 2,000 people experience his content every 60 seconds. The running total? Over 3.5 BILLION streams. During the last six years he has spoken to and performed live for a total of 1.2 million people in dozens of countries and iconic concert halls such as the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, the Greek Theatre, Red Rocks, Royal Albert Hall — in Rio, Paris, Singapore, Japan, Istanbul! He’s been called an innovator, a compelling speaker and motivator, a powerful advocate of music education, a creative genius, and, much to his chagrin, the “Mr. Bean” of cello.

But of all the accolades ever hurled at him, the one review he says he truly wishes to live up to was given by his 6-year-old daughter one night after he finished reading her a bedtime story. She simply said,

“You’re a good man, Daddy.”



is an award-winning, Billboard-charting, YouTube rock star (in a cellist sort of way). His passion for music is palpable. His music invites people in – people from all different walks of life and tastes. He has inspired millions through his music, awakening a new-found love for the cello or classical music, rekindling a forgotten passion, or showing, by example, how to simply smile in order to enjoy life more fully.

Steven plays many instruments and combines multiple elements from these instruments, most notably guitar and percussion, into an innovative and revolutionary way of playing the cello. He is broadly considered a pioneer in exploring the versatility of the instrument. In addition to his cello prowess he is an award-winning composer, arranger, and entertainer. He has toured the globe performing his works.